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Hard Money Real Estate Loans – Taylor Made Lending LLC

Hard money real estate loans are not easy to get even with private lenders. 

Taylor Made Lending LLC in Florida, simplifies this for you and gets you loan approval in just a few days. 

Taylor Made Lending LLC has – 

  • Easy and quick loan approvals
  • Fast bank crediting
  • Low criteria for approval
  • No prepayment fees
  • No credit score requirements
  • Less documentation
  • Custom short term loans

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When to Get a Commercial Real Estate Hard Money Loan

Low FICO Scores

Commercial hard money lenders do not mind low credit scores in lieu of collateral.

Unapproved Traditional Loan 

Sometimes traditional loans are tough. Hard money development loans will come to your rescue.

Take Less Time

Traditional loans may take months for approval. Hard money loans are quick and easy.

Less Income or Cash in Hand

Hard money loans don’t need proof of income or bank balance, hence there’s easy approval.

It’s easier to get a hard money loan because of the low approval requirements. The only downside is the high rate of interest, which gets negated because of the short term period. 

Taylor Made Lending LLC Loans


Commercial Property Loans for Investors

Commercial private lenders lend to borrowers for building or buying apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, warehouses and office buildings. 

Non- recourse Real Estate Loans

Non-recourse finance is commercial lending that only takes payments from the profit of the project, not from any other asset. 

Construction Loans

Hard money bridge loans to start construction projects. After the project has begun, it’s easier to get traditional loans. 

Land Development Loans

Hard money developmental loans are approved by lenders on the basis of the value of the land. 

How to Qualify for Commercial Hard Money Real Estate Loans

There aren’t many steps to qualifying for a hard money loan for real estate

It’s an easy and quick process.

  1. Find a lender that will look at your case.
  2. Pre – qualify for a hard money loan by supplying basic details
  3. Produce documentation for the property in question 
  4. Finalise the deal.


Taylor Made Lending LLC will help you right from the first step. You don’t even need to get frustrated over the documentation. We stand by you at every milestone. 

Prequalify for a hard money loan

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide which real estate loan I need to take for my property?

The first step is to get in touch with a hard money lender. They will guide you through the loan process and the best possible options for you. 

A good hard money lender will also help you with the documentation. 

Get in touch with Taylor Made Lending LLC now.

Is a hard money lender an option for purchasing rental property?

Yes ! The hard money lender will loan hard money with the rental property in question as collateral. 

It is difficult to get traditional loans for short term property goals, hence hard money lenders are the best options. While the interest is more, it is easier to get a hard money loan. 

Use an experienced hard money broker for the best deals. Call us now!

What is the fee associated with hard money commercial loans?

Commercial hard money loans may have a few overheads like the lender’s fees, lawyer’s fees, and documentation fees. Remember to get a full break-up of the additional costs before committing to a hard money loan


Since Taylor Made Lending LLC is a private lender in Florida, we care about our clients. We will tell you upfront the additional costs you’ll incur. However, we do not have a fixed amount for fees owing to the uncommon terms of transaction for every client. 

Is there a prepayment fee?

We do not charge any prepayment fees. However, there may be minor changes depending on the nature of the transaction.

The Taylor Made Lending LLC Process 

There couldn’t be a possibly easier way to apply for a hard money loan. We are bridge loan lenders who have helped hundreds of clients get their dream fulfilled.


First book a consultation with us and see if you qualify for a hard money loan.


Submit your documents and get your loan amount in your bank.


Make your dreams come true without any financial worries.

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