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Hard Money Personal Loans

It has never been this easy to get hard money personal loans in Florida. 

 Taylor Made Lending LLC has – 

  • Easy and quick loan funding
  • Instant loan disbursement
  • Low criteria for approval
  • No prepayment fees
  • No credit score requirements
  • Instant approval

Prequalify for a hard money loan

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Why Choose Taylor Made Lending LLC Bridge Loans

Loan to Value Ratio

Get a maximum Loan to Value ratio of 70%. Our LTV is one of the best in the business

Loan Amounts

You may get between $100,000 to $10,000,000 loan amounts. 

Interest Rates

Our competitive interest rates are between 8.99% to 12%.


Loan maturity period is between 2 – 3 years with the option of renewing.

When to Get Personal Loans for Rental Property

If any of these reasons sound like yours, you’ve come to the right place. 

  • If you need more than 70% LTV on a transaction with cross collateral
  • Property repositioning and value addition
  • You need to close the deal fast to take advantage of an opportunity
  • Your credit score is below bank guidelines
  • Need to file updated tax returns for updated rents or revenues
  • Adequate underwriting
  • Need Loan size $100K-$10 M 
  • Need Loan term 2-3 years


Our private lenders believe in us for our successful BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance and Repeat). 

Get hard money loans for rental property, easily, in Florida with us. 

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Loans Available with Taylor Made Lending LLC

After years of experience, we’ve put together the most popular kind of loans that borrowers ask for.

Direct Private Money Lending

Commercial Property Loans for Investors

Foreign National Loans

Quick Bridge Loans Solution

Residential Investment Loans in Florida

Non-Recourse Real Estate Loans

Land Development Loans

Fix and Flip Loans

Equity Based Lending Serving all of Florida

Asset Based (Hard Money) Lending

Multifamily Investment Loans in Florida

Commercial Investment Loans in Florida

Construction Loans

All Types of Real Estate Considered for Loans

Our Process 

There couldn’t be a possibly easier way to apply for a hard money loan. We are bridge loan specialists who have helped hundreds of clients get their dreams fulfilled.


First book a consultation with us and see if you qualify for a hard money loan.


Submit your documents and get your loan amount in your bank.


Make your dreams come true without any financial worries for the future.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do hard money loans have higher interest rates than traditional mortgage loans?

The answer is simple! Hard money loans have greater risk involved. 

Unlike purchasing residential property, a fix and flip project could go over budget or not sell when the time comes. 

The higher interest rate compensates for this risk. Also, this is the main reason traditional mortgage lenders do not approve this transaction.

Is a hard money lender an option for purchasing rental property?

Yes ! The hard money lender will loan hard money with the rental property in question as collateral. 

It is difficult to get traditional loans for short term property goals, hence hard money lenders are the best options. While the interest is more, it is easier to get a hard money loan. 

Use an experienced hard money broker for the best deals. Call us now!

What are the borrower's requirements for hard money loans?

For a first time borrower, it might be difficult to negotiate terms properly. The veteran investor may want to know more additional information about your borrowing capacity and might want 30% – 40% as down payment.

Are there any downsides of a hard money personal loan?

A hard money personal loan may not be the best option for everyone because it is more expensive than a traditional loan. 

They may also have additional costs and fees that you find out about later.

What is the difference between hard money and cash?

Hard money loans are not cash but may be considered so because they aren’t traditional loans. A traditional loan is based on the mortgage value of a property, however hard money loans are based on the expected future value of the rental property. This is why they are considered as cash in real estate investments.

How to Choose the Best Hard Money Personal Loan

Quick Approvals

Get your hard money loans approved within a few days.

Lowest Interest Rates

Enjoy one of the lowest loan interest rates at 8.99%.

High LTV

Get more than 70% Loan To Value ratio.

No Income Verification 

Get loan approvals on collateral not income verification.

Trusted Private Lenders

We have helped hundreds achieve their dreams.

No Credit Score Required

Since the loan is approved on collateral, we do not get your credit score involved.

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